Welcome to Growth Charts 4 Kids

What We Do

We build wooden children’s growth charts and wall rulers for your family. Each height chart has individualized rulers specific to each child. Each chart is handcrafted for your family.

Our portable and customizable Growth Chart Wall Rulers are the perfect alternative to marking up a door frame or a spot on the wall. These elegant and stylish looking Growth Charts will hold up to 10 names of your children, and you’ll be able to take it with you when you move.

They make the perfect wall ruler for your children, grandchildren or even as gifts. Here are a few of the reasons people have purchased these height and weight charts:

  1. For their own children.
  2. For their grandchildren. Kids look forward to going to grandma’s house and getting measured on the chart.
  3. As gift for a baby shower.
  4. As a birthday gift for a child. Kids love them, and they love to be measured on the wall ruler and see how much they’ve grown.

Personalized Engraving

Each of your children gets their name laser-engraved above their own height ruler. We offer eight different fonts to choose from.

Portable and Foldable

Our customized height and weight rulers can fold in half. This reduces their footprint to only 3 1/2 tall, making it ideal to transport when you move or to store if you don’t have a good place to install it. A few families store their growth chart until one of their children’s birthday’s, bring it out, measure their child, and store it again. Since it is so thin, less than an inch even when folded, it can easily be stored in an attic, garage, or closet until needed.

One of Our Memories

Making Memories

With your own height and weight chart, you can capture moments in time that shows you the growth of your children. A lot of people use our wall rulers to record height and weight each birthday. This way, you can see the yearly growth of your children.

There are many places you can set up your growth chart ruler. Hallways are the most popular, but some have installed them in bedrooms and kitchens. There really isn’t a bad place to put it.

When you wish to record your child’s growth, just use a black, permanent marker to draw a line right across your child’s growth ruler — like a tick mark on a ruler — put the date and write in their current weight (if you want). Then look at how much they’ve grown compared to the previous year! Your children will also love seeing how much they’ve grown in comparison to their siblings.

Don’t forget to put marks off to the side that represent mom and dad’s height. That will give your kids something to shoot for!

Pricing and Specs

Growth Chart Wall Rulers start at $35 for the first name and $5 more for each name thereafter. For example, a growth chart for four kids will be $50.

Each wall ruler is 7 ft. tall (84 inches) and only 5 mm. thick. Names are typically engraved in the top 6 inches. The width varies according to the number of names on the chart.

  • 1 Name – 8 inches wide.
  • 2 Names – 12 inches wide.
  • 3 Names – 16 inches wide.
  • 4 Names – 20 inches wide.
  • 5 Names – 24 inches wide.
  • 6 Names – 28 inches wide.
  • 7 Names – 32 inches wide.
  • 8 Names – 36 inches wide.
  • 9 Names – 40 inches wide.
  • 10 Names – 44 inches wide.

To help in portability and transportation, each Growth Chart Wall Ruler is hinged with a piano hinge in the middle so that it folds in half, reducing its footprint for transporting to 3 1/2 feet tall.